Les Beasley-
Les Beasley-


genre: Rock
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Learning Cubase 5 and Superior drummer.Marshall TSL 100 I just repaired.
12/30/09 03:39:34PM @unity-road:
Like recording work here, nicely laid out. bass gt. and drum
are kickin. song is just right not too over the top very believable. someone like me would try to put lyrics to it.
Its sounds Great the way it is

12/30/09 03:39:26AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
This chunters along nicely and has nice riff in there. If I remember rightly I reviewed the previous tunes a bemoaned the lack of a lead break - sometimes you might say 'oh not another flame guitar solo,' here you are crying out for one. Still, beggars cannot be choosers - good track. ftlpope


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