Levi Stringer
Levi Stringer


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genre: Blues
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  Well I'm a king bee, buzzing around your hiveWell I'm a king bee, buzzing around your hiveWell I can make honey baby, let me come insideI'm young and able...
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A great blues tune to groove to.   Releasing it here on mixposure 12/12/09. Performed and recorded by Levi Stringer
bill b
12/12/09 11:59:17AM @bill-b:
A groovy blues tune with everything required for such in the right places. Somewhat rigid rythmically but very good production quality with a clear vocal track and a nice simple arrangement with few instruments.
12/12/09 05:04:14PM @wrightdude:
Notta big fan of the drum machinations but totally dig the guitar work! Excellent vocal treatments! Some nice bass work in there too! Enjoyed!
12/14/09 03:56:57PM @chris-berrill:
It's got power. Rabid beat, like it!


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