David Holywood
David Holywood

The Chosen One

album: SoulMates
genre: Unknown
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Once I met a girl and I felt as if I was Super Man. I still believe I can fly and that we shall live forever.....
The Chosen One
Lyrical Princess
03/02/17 06:32:34PM @lyrical-princess:
Hi David, Just cruisin' around checking out my mixposure favorites. This has always been one of them.. Happy to see you're still here. I hope all is well. +555555555 :)

All the best, LP (Linda)

Lyrical Princess
04/29/15 12:01:27AM @lyrical-princess:
Hi David, I am the lucky one.. I was hoping this song was still here on mix. And it is :) It's been such a long time since I've heard this Beauty. I enjoy it just as much as ever. Such a catchy melody. It's hard not to hum or try to sing along.. I love that effect!! I hope all is well..

All The Best,
LP :)

John R. Kennedy
10/29/13 12:08:49AM @john-r-kennedy:
This is great and has an awesome sound to it. Very melodic and great vocals. Very nice instrumentation, vocals and mix. Nice!!

Peace and Blessings, John

08/27/09 06:25:05PM @blue-sahara:
David, this is my absolute favorite of your songs. I just love the chord progression here, the synth sound, the monotone drum beat ... I love everything! You should do more tunes like that ... very innovative and creative! Lovely vocals and harmonies!

Lyrical Princess
10/17/08 06:07:41PM @lyrical-princess:
Really like this song. Everything about it. Instrumental, Lyrics And Very nice voice..looking forward to hearing more. Best Wishes, lonesome princess
10/18/08 06:44:33AM @mark-reed:
Cracking little song, tremendous hook in the chorus. Great backing. Can't fault this in anyway. well done


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