Go Billy Go (Ft. Carol Sue and Lorne Reid)

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Go Billy Go (Ft. Carol Sue and Lorne Reid)
carol sue
09/30/18 03:47:05PM @carol-sue:
Thanks Billy! :)
You're all so special, bless you!

09/21/18 01:07:48PM @lonnie:
Thank you everyone for your kind words. Was great fun pulling this together. Lorne and Carol Sue are so talented and awesome to work with. They deserve all the credit.


Farrell Jackson
09/21/18 12:19:06PM @farrell-jackson:
Lonnie, Carol Sue and Lorne, this is a great promo and recognition for TV (Bill). It's expertly execute!


09/20/18 07:20:15PM @tlt50:
How freakin' cool is this? :) Great vocals and Lyrics Carol Sue. Sweet guitar chops from Lorne. Superbly arranged performed and produced..WTG Lonnie. Billy is da' man.Great tribute/collaboration you three. ***** AWwwwwwwwwwOooooooooooooooooSOME, *Wolf*
09/20/18 12:24:28PM @the-truevulgarians:
So cool and very much appreciated by the old TrueVulgarian! You guys all rock... just like Mixstream Radio and Mixposure.com!
09/20/18 09:38:58AM @josephrodz:
This is so killer and well recorded and played, Go Carol + Lonnie + Billy!!!!!
09/20/18 07:10:44AM @gary-hart:
Wow...this is cool!! Love the lyrics CSK well done...great intro...and the music is great gents! ! 👍 awesome listen!
carol sue
09/20/18 06:31:06AM @carol-sue:
Cheers to TV (aka: William Thompson, Billy)
for his many great Dj shows right here at Mixposure.com!

Lonnie + Lorne, a treat to be in another tune with you gents!
Hey Billy, play our song on the radio! hehe.. :)
Love that MixStream Radio!!



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