Marc Morlock
Marc Morlock

The end of a miserable life (1992)

album: Back in time
genre: BritPop
streams: 44

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Text/Music/Production :Marc Morlock (P)1992 The end of a miserable life (Marc Morlock-1992)
The end of a miserable life (1992)
Badly Touched
06/17/11 04:51:51PM @badly-touched:
These vocals are immense!! I would love to hear a musically "Beefed up" version of this track with this vocal Style (my own heavier kinda taste).

Love it!!

05/31/11 08:07:55AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
title gotta draw you in - suitably overwrought vocals strangely reminiscent of Axl Rose! Dig those harmonies and that modulation up - like the other material - I think the word hear is 'arch' - much pleasure. ftlpope
06/02/11 07:55:17AM @gordon-leed:
I dunno why, but I was expecting something "gothic" when I came to listen....I'm very surprised there are not many more comments, accollades, on this song. It's brilliant !! Great vocal, and a very nice arrangement. Thanks for sharing this great song



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