Marc Morlock
Marc Morlock

My life is better without you

album: Back in time
genre: BritPop
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(P) 1988 Text/Music/Production : Marc Morlock
My life is better without you
Doctor C
01/17/10 11:25:54AM @doctor-c:
Very cool song. Great songwriting and professional production. Enjoyed a lot!
Rob Grant
11/25/09 06:59:08PM @rayon-vert:
Hey Marc.....somehow you must have known I'm a BIG FAN of "Brit Pop".......hehehehehe!! I guess, it's my age, but I was a prisoner of the British Invasion of the 60's. ANYWAY!!! What a pleasant surprise, to see and hear your your genre of music. This is my first listen and I have to say.....VERY FINE and yeah!! Very British, throughout the verse melody and in the chorus and harmonies, as well. Catchy song, well produced and performed. Off to listen to more Morlock!!!

11/23/09 07:47:31PM @split-p:
This sound takes me back. Love it.
11/19/09 06:09:06PM @blue-sahara:
Oh my, right from the first note I fell in love with this one ... is it the retro sound? Is it the familiar and (for me) beloved British pop sound? I think it's all of the above. Fabulous vocals, lead and background. I think this has a Bucks Fizz vibe (their later stuff). I also dig the monotone drum beat (I'm a sucker for that). Yes, this one goes in my favorites ... very, very well done guys!

Farrell Jackson
11/19/09 12:55:13PM @farrell-jackson:
This has a definite 70's pop sound which is great in my book. Not to compare but the chorus gives me hints of Abba and also I hear the Bee Gee's vibe in spots. Not a bad thing and again I'm not comparing but I think it's great!
The mix and performances are excellent and very pro sounding. Enjoyed it!

Farrell Jackson

11/18/09 01:02:25AM @tlt50:
For me......... right now... this is very refreshing.Pristine production,with an outstanding mix. The quality is awesonme.......superb songwriting,with some amazing SUPERB !!!! freakin' sweet sax !!

Larry T.

11/17/09 12:54:38PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
This might be to all appearances (sic) a conventional 70s style pop song but to my hearing, done in 2009 it sounds dead wierd - in my musical vocabulary that is a compliment. Strangely strange but enjoyable. ftlpope
Mista Perez
11/17/09 10:47:35AM @mista-perez:
Marc- this is great work. Has a classic rock kind of feel to it. Love the vocal work on this. An amazing tune in rememberance of 70's rock. Nice retro feel to it.
11/17/09 10:17:42AM @mark-reed:
This is a very good song, The music is well produced, as are the vocals. Talking of which you put over a great performance. An excellent composition, well done I enjoyed hearing this
11/17/09 10:17:29AM @nick-relation:
cool tune, definatly something i could hear in a movie


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