Marc Morlock
Marc Morlock

Feel Good

album: Back in time
genre: BritPop
streams: 101

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(P) 1987 Text/Music & Production : Marc Morlock
Feel Good
07/10/11 07:44:42AM @durod:
Excellent tune and the mix is perrrrfect! The brass is a great touch and really adds to the overall feel of the song. All around perfection in a really good "upbeat" song.
Rob Grant
11/25/09 07:04:44PM @rayon-vert:
Nice horn arrangement and quite a clean sound production....VERY Upbeat!! Dazed mentioned "Roller Skaters"....well that influenced my thoughts somewhat.....BUT THEN!!! The chorus reminded me of the "AVALANCHE" Ride that goes backwards...REAL FAST....and I swore I heard the line "FREE RIDE", as in Edgar Winter and all HECK Broke loose in my mind. I got dizzy....I couldn't stand that ride, but it sure looked fun and it brought back memories of Ocean City, Maryland (BACK in the Day) Cool Song!!!

11/11/09 08:08:14AM @dazed:
Well done tune. I agree it has that 70's pop sound looking for roller skaters but the mix is great and wonderfully arranged.
Dylan Thermos
11/07/09 07:55:13AM @dylan-thermos:
This song sounds very eighties with all the synths.Tight arrangement with very competent vocal performance.The more I listened to it the more it appealed.
The synth brass sounds were excellent.........What can I say.....I feel good now.............Dylanthermos.

11/05/09 09:34:04PM @bigpete:
great track I love happy music that makes me want to dance and have fun, has a great late 70s early pop sound, very well produce, this is pop music done right, great arragements, love the jazzy breaks, great job.
02/05/10 04:15:27AM @microjazz:
Nice to see someone covering unusual genre's. Nice upbeat feel to this with great vocal harmonies - good stuff.
12/02/09 03:42:54PM @wrightdude:
Very snappy toon! Well done!


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