Marc Morlock
Marc Morlock

Let Me

album: Back in time
genre: BritPop
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(P)1989 Text/Music: Marc Morlock Production: Marc Morlock
Let Me
09/07/10 05:08:18PM @jusananomaly:
This has a very classical feel to it, the sound quality is great, kinda tranports the mind and heart. Great job.

Mike Prather
04/25/10 04:37:18PM @mike-prather:
Super good track, I turned up the volume and let it wash over me .. really enjoyed this.


01/30/10 09:26:57AM @star4mation:
Wonderful sounding pop song. Reminds me a little of Saint Etienne in the female vocals. Love the sax, and the guitar does sound like Mike Oldfield. Excellent!!
11/26/09 12:28:06PM @tcp:
Exquisite and silky production comes across so perfectly. The vocals superbly mixed with the balance of instrumentation. Compelling and oh so tasty stuff. Wonderful...Blake
Rob Grant
11/25/09 07:09:07PM @rayon-vert:
VERY Sensitive song and I LOVED the melody. The guitar is a real JOY, to listen to. I LOVE the biting tone and the wonderful vibrato control you have. I found the guitar very touching. Sax and guitar duet is killer........Hey!! Thanks for the Download of this song, Much Appreciated!!

11/06/09 02:11:29PM @mark-reed:
I liked this one, Nice jazzy feel to the music. Great arrangement on the vocals. Well done
Luca Wulf
12/10/09 03:13:57PM @huge-artist:
Ah,studio recording?
Great clarity and space in the recording.
I must admit I geta bit lost by genres,britpop?
Some very nice and delicate slide work.
VERY nice sax as well.
The clean lead reminded me of Mr Oldfield in style, especially the use of the tremelo.
All in all,a very tasteful track indeed.
Greatly enjoyed.


06/02/11 07:51:05AM @gordon-leed:
Great sound, wonderful production. And again, outstanding vocal qualities. An excellent piece.

11/12/09 10:57:33PM @vesa:
'Let Me' is a real top notch tune. The vocals are great; fine, very fine harmonies... good lyrics...I like the 'Harrison' style guitar complimenting, the cool superb sax addtion really shines through, witha bit of a raspy fine edge to it. Really an original sounding tune...FAB style. Great production and arranging. Again, the singing really carries the song well; truly does. Expressive style.
Take care.
Excellent Marc & band.
Your friend -Vesa


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