Marc Morlock
Marc Morlock

I love you madly

album: Back in time
genre: BritPop
streams: 100

I love you madly
Farrell Jackson
01/17/10 02:24:47PM @farrell-jackson:
Great song and performances with some spot on singing! I like the Badfinger-ish harmonies also. Enjoyed it!

Farrell Jackson

Doctor C
01/17/10 11:43:07AM @doctor-c:
I often wonder why a lot of great songs at this site don't get enough exposure and appreciation they deserve. This song is definitely one of them. Tasty, enjoyable and professionally produced it makes a wonderful listening experience. Very very nice!
01/13/10 04:34:05PM @king-cake:
Good song, reminds me a little of Harry Nilsson. Nice piano and the vocal suits the song well.
Mista Perez
01/13/10 04:32:11PM @mista-perez:
I liked the stripped down and raw vocals to this. The song structuring has a 70's rock vibe which I appreciate and sits well in my ears. great job Marc.
06/02/11 07:48:13AM @gordon-leed:
Hey Marc, this is lovely... a beautiful love song, well produced and the vocal is outstanding. I'm with Dace with his comment about the "stuff hits are made of" ...Very enjoyable. Thanks a lot for sharing


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