Maria Daines
Maria Daines

Dead in the Water

album: Wayward Songs
genre: Rock
streams: 197

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'Dead in the Water'Dead in the waterThere's no coming homeThis world is forgottenPast the danger zoneWe warm this earth with sorrowCool our dread with...
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We usually write a few lines about the inspiration for our songs but this one is self explanatory and it's just the way we feel.
Dead in the Water
09/07/11 07:20:10AM @mel:
Beautiful intro that really sets the inspirational and sad lyrics. Guitar is just crying! As always Maria your vocals are clean, rich and strong. A powerful song and great listen. Wishing you well, Melsi
09/06/11 10:15:22AM @cooter:
What an outstanding tune. Killer vocals which fit as comfortably as an old pair of sneakers into that cohesively tight music. Great musicianship. And tastefully done from the get-go, on all counts. Love the song and performances. Enjoyed every moment of this tune.


Luca Wulf
09/05/11 04:37:16PM @huge-artist:
Well that intro had me hooked.
It was perfect IMHO.

So good to hear you again guys.
Too long,the roads too twisting.

Power and grace harnassed to taste and instinct is always going to write great songs.

Fabulous song guys.
Weather's turned and somehow this was keeping pace with the stormfront.


stephan foster
09/05/11 12:42:34PM @stephan-foster:
Powerful vocal and kickass music. What a great combo! Excellent (as usual)!
09/05/11 11:26:37AM @maria-daines:
Thank you for your comment Diego, it's always good to hear from you and catch up through the airwaves :) Here is a video where the song was used and I think it then comes to life to show the scenery of the message, best wishes from Paul & I xxOil Crisis in The Gulf ~Dead In The Water~song by Maria Daines


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