What ya do for me

genre: Easy Listening
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Recorded using Reason4 via Cubase SX3. I have programmed, played, mixed and engineered this myself. I'm still learning, having fun.
What ya do for me
05/10/09 04:01:01AM @self-tort:
Cool funky rhythms, funky bass and nice wah wah effect on the guitar. Got me so far. Laid back vocals work well and I like the additional vocals in the chorus section. Great groove in the chorus. I'm torn between really loving this as it is, and suggesting that a crazier ad lib vocal in the chorus might lift it. I'm thinking of one of Zappa's singers but can't remember his name. Very nice piece.



02/05/08 11:40:22AM @am-pm:
Hhhhm....thanks for the pleasant surprise, nice airy uptempo funky piece. Accomplished inmany respects. I would really love that infectious piano to stand out some more. It's all that
Thanks for sharing

01/29/08 07:43:11PM @david-c-deal:
Yup, another great track on IMS. Reminds me of that version of "Blue Moon" that opened the Sopranos, HBO series. Anyhow, very, very cool.

01/29/08 08:45:08AM @mark-reed:
Clever track this, funk is either done well, or not at all. This is very well done. nice one
Rob Grant
01/29/08 06:48:23AM @rayon-vert:
Welcome to IMS......I still have a love for the funk....and ya hit it!! Cool fun track.....well produced and performed. Vox cool and the back ups were a nice addition. Great job!

01/29/08 03:38:14AM @diva:
Plae dat funkee moosik ... yeah, I like this. Love that wah-wah type riff thing, and the vocal sounds like it's just Cadillacing through the song, so nice and easy. Oh, yeah. Very nice.


01/29/08 03:23:59AM @ab1:
dig it mang.. the funk community here is enriched.. cause this is a funky ****..
01/29/08 02:06:43AM @ab2:
:-) This is kinda ""raPsing"" like the funky vibe very much...You`re so right when you say "easy listening"...A real pleasure...Very refreshing...:-)

Luv n hugs, Mags xx :-)

01/28/08 11:22:53PM @brian-mattson:
Funky, yeah I'm liking funky. Nice job on developing the hook!
01/28/08 10:04:18PM @tlt50:
My Karma just ran over my Dogma...,so I needed sometin' to cheer me up. Yea ,man I like this. Tight funkiness ,great vocals and dig the organ.....great tune .....A big welcome to iMS..SWEET
Larry T.....

01/28/08 09:08:36PM @stratoace:
Very nice
01/28/08 07:46:38PM @dazed:
Easy listening? LOL

Love the funky beat on here. very cool melody on here. I like the chorus and layered vocals. Nicely done.

Welcome to iMS!


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