No Soul

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This is one of my angrier songs. I have been playing with the mix a little. I am pretty happy with this one.
No Soul
03/24/09 01:26:35AM @vesa:
I really thought I reviewed you, but I was on your home page. Lack of sleep for me.
I like the vocals right away they feel like they carry the song; such good singing; fine harmonies, very solid, good tone,& range. Love when you follow up with "got no soul" -just a few words can do something more than expected. It's really catchy. Like the neat tone on the guitar -sounds like slide using some effect; unique, would like to know if it is; or is it a synth? Either way it'a very FAB!
Good lyrics, DYNAMIC stuff!! Like the interchange of vocals at the end. Great arranging & simply a GREAT PRODUCTION. Top notch artistry. I can feel the emotion & mood..."ain't got no soul" -really sticks.
SUPERB composition. Well thought through & hit the spot. Into my faves. Worth more listens.
- Your new Canadian fan & friend. -Vesa.

05/06/09 09:08:04AM @mark-reed:
Now this is my personal favourite, great track, The music is cleverly put across and the vocals just work for me. Very well done indeed
06/05/08 01:51:29AM @buddrumming:
Love it....So very Kool....very nice grove..I agree with all the above...Nice work.....:)Thx, Bud
02/05/08 01:54:31PM @chrickon:
This is funky and groovy as h... ! Love the organ well i love all keys, very great sounding track. Great performance in every way.

02/04/08 02:30:50AM @rob-hanlon:
Great tune and production. The vocals are excellent as is the instrumentation. Really like the solo at 2:30. Very Nicely Done!
02/04/08 01:51:51AM @self-tort:
Agree with Larry about the production and that really grungy Hammond sound. Nice funky beeat going on too with a great syncopated bass line. lovely interplay between the synths and the Hammond in the instrumental break. Great production on the vocals. Not sure if you're singing all parts or not but they're really well in syncg. I agree with you. This is a great track and one to be proud of. Glad to find another Aussie on board here.


aka Self Tort

02/04/08 12:51:46AM @tlt50:
Great production..!! Luv the distorted Hammomd.very tasteful. Man, all your song are super tight with excellent grooves.Nice synth work....vocals and lyrics are superb...Great Track !!!

Luca Wulf
02/06/08 02:41:53PM @huge-artist:
Very cool track.
Was instantly sold on the vocals,both main and backing.
A nice warm gruffness to them,suits the song so well.
Very nice guitar tone with the hammond singing sweetly with it,reminding me of the days of Jon Lord.
And,a very nice solo to top it all off.
Most enjoyable indeed.


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