michael k
michael k

Frosty Mammoth

album: Guitfiddler on the roof
genre: Instrumental Rock
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Frosty Mammoth
03/26/08 08:43:21AM @mark-reed:
Not quite what I expected either lol, certainly nothing frosty about this track. Great guitar work, you made the thing shriek. Well done
03/21/08 04:57:05PM @diva:
Well, I just previews for the next Ice Age movied (not due out till July 4th NEXT year). There seems to be a theme of coincidence, huh?

This a great, solid, in-you-face rocker. Yep. No doubt about it. Me likes. Oh -- especially the wah-wah bits. Somebody sho' 'nuf knows how to make a guitar go into heavenly orgasms. Good job.

03/21/08 09:13:37AM @michael-nunley:
No shortage of energy here - I kinda pictured the Mammoth as a bit less zippy (G) - Some nice guitar work.


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