michael k
michael k

The freaky Yoda jam

album: Guitfiddler on the roof
genre: Instrumental Rock
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The freaky Yoda jam
03/21/08 04:54:38PM @diva:
Holy bleeding ulcers, what a killer tune! Great tones, Tight as a virgin's, well, you know. This sure grabbed my attention (or whatever) right out of the gate.
03/21/08 03:43:15AM @ab1:
wow.. more chaotic than mine.. lol.. hey mike.. welcome.. like it just fine.. the ascending theme is way cool.. the mix is pretty dirty.. maybe you wanted it that way.. RAW.. like your main lead and tone.. much louder than the track though.. you can fly bro.. all the approved modern techniques.. sweeps.. wammy.. legato phrasing.. damn that last solo sounds like robbo1 our local matador.. you gotta check him out bro.. yes I concour.. a great jam.. powerful playing man.. cheers.. great drums BTW..
michael k
03/20/08 10:50:57PM @michael-k:
thanx wolf
03/20/08 10:25:50PM @michael-styron:
Excellent Jams !!
03/20/08 10:07:56PM @tlt50:
Super...freakin,guitar slingin' magic....Yoooo !! Steve Vai Steve Morse......YUP !!!



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