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Michael Yablonski

Just Another FunkY MikeY Day

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My first forray into the world of guitar synthesis using the fine Carvin NS1 guitar. Thanks Carvin, Mikey likes it!
Just Another FunkY MikeY Day
06/05/09 12:21:44PM @mark-reed:
Having already heard a couple of numbers the peaceful start in this one was unexpected. A very sweet backing gives the melody a great support. The melody instruments are well performed an nicely phrased. Loved the acoustic work. great track
05/20/08 05:36:38PM @tcp:
hey Mike! Wow...now this is different. Love the instrumentation...your mix of sound choices is great...along with the rhythm that drives it. Thoroughly enjoyed this. The progressions in tandem with rhythms is really outstanding. Everything together with your great playing make this song very enjoyable indeed. Really creative my friend! Excellent tune ...Blake
01/07/08 11:26:31PM @jaymanthebassman:
great tune! caught me off guard with the synth - love that! laid back groove! Cheers!
12/24/07 09:02:30AM @diva:
Pretty unique song with some outrageous changes and rhythms. It shows a lot of talent and creativity on your part. Very cool tune.
11/18/07 09:25:53PM @george-shepherd:
Alright, this is great, Mike. So cool!
11/18/07 09:47:51AM @chrickon:
This is great Mike ! great sounding tune, like the nylon and the happy vibe i get listening.

11/18/07 09:46:27AM @ab1:
funky mikey in a mellow mood.. but he is one funky dude.. so that salsa fresca breaks on through.. this sound like music of our southwestern time zone.. funky texmex to the bone..
nah brau.. lousiana zydeco bro.. mardegras don't cha know?.. diggin the flow yo.. .-))

11/18/07 09:38:06AM @syntopia-music:
wow, wonderful music. I love the guitar and the melody, very good sound. A great arranged song fantastic to hear. a new fan is born
11/17/07 07:05:21AM @dazed:
very nice and very cool. nylon does change things so much. I love the rhythm track.

well I would say the song is a success! sounds great!

11/17/07 02:40:21AM @ian-rushton:
Nice laid back, and at the same time, fun track. Acoustic guitars sound DI'd? Might be nice to have a live mic'd sound on them and a real sax player on that lead part that starts at 1:09!
Well balanced mix :)

11/16/07 11:35:16PM @michael-nunley:
Interesting project - space-samba ?
I enjoyed the playful feel of the guitar work.


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