Groovy Chicks

genre: Rock
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Flashing light so fantasticGo-go girls dressed in day-glo plasticUltra violet so excitingFreak me out baby blow my mind Meditatin body paintinDoing my...
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 Written by Billy French and Mickeymix and recorded solely by myself using an awesome recording tool called RiffWorks by Sonoma WireWorks.
Groovy Chicks
08/06/08 08:14:51PM @stratoace:
Great tune buddy...im glad you came on over...now post some more stuff....strat..
07/17/08 05:50:11PM @back-in-the-day:
*Very* cool song! Great guitar work (and solo). Nice chorus. Well done!
07/04/08 09:58:21PM @wrightdude:
Nice intro! Some smokin guitar riffage! Enjoyed!
07/03/08 04:26:19AM @self-tort:
At the minute mark we're rocking along but it's been an interesting ride to get there. I wouldn't have predicted what I was listening to now from the intro, but I love the way you morphed from that subcontinental intro feel into a straight out rocker without my noticing the seams. This is a very inventive piece of rock. Not sure that the vocals are quite right in the mix, but I'm a production luddite and can't offer a suggestion as to what doesn't seem to be right. But the song's great and the performance is really out there. Some lovely guitar work.



07/02/08 06:08:32PM @tlt50:
Great intro with the tabla/eastern vibe. Then you bring in your awesome guitar work,continuing to build the song nicely.Outstanding arranging and musicianship....very cool vocals.A winner for sure :-)
07/02/08 04:45:48PM @ked-records:
ohhhhhh man that tabla.. and the incredible strains of eastern flavour drifint in and out. then like the last song POW right between the eyes with some flat out killer guitar tones!!. More MikeyMix.. soon!!!!!
07/02/08 04:41:44PM @richard-john:
Sounded great. Love the eastern flavours that drift in and out. Great playing and a fine production. Very imaginative with a great hook. Good stuff!

07/02/08 10:10:29AM @saturated:
Great song! Had to listen to this a couple times.. loved the vox and the guitar work is smokin. 2 thumbs up!!
07/02/08 07:45:15AM @diva:
I love the originality in your intro, but man when this kicks in ... YEAH!!! That's the ticket. Nice bit of guitar shredding here, and you have many textures in here as well, with intro, to the verses, aand then the chorus.

A nice and refreshingly original approach to this song.

07/02/08 03:13:19AM @les-beasley:
Hey Man,Great Song!Welcome..Had to check and see if I was at the right site LOL


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