Mike Hartman
Mike Hartman

Centralized Groove

album: In the Pocket
genre: pop
streams: 37

Centralized Groove
03/19/15 09:41:20PM @christopherweatherwax:
Sounds cool yeah, great beat and bass. Has a bit of blues in there too I think when your vocals and Harmonica kick in. Nice job with the mix :) -Chris
03/15/15 10:33:56PM @hydrogen3:
I LOVE this sound! very classic funk/rock. Does this one download???? ;)
03/14/15 07:54:16PM @bustert:
it`s a good relationship in this groove... and your bass and the brass is very fine!
03/14/15 01:05:19PM @gene-smith:
Loving the bass and keys as well! Welcome to Mixposure
Mike Hartman
03/13/15 09:37:05PM @mike-hartman:
You are such a wonderful dude!!!
03/13/15 08:42:48PM @tlt50:
What a fabulous groove... Vocals and guitar work....*Stellar* Incredible arrangement.....production and performance... *****


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