You Are My HTTP [Eurodance mix]

album: Single
genre: Eurodance
streams: 212

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   YOU ARE MY HTTP © MRI / Words & Music by Daren Thomas Turner  © 2009   MRI/Xyen Records Inc.   Humans are such silly things It becomes a ball and a...
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This Eurodance version of "You Are My HTTP" is the proto-type for a full out Electronica version that will be released as a remix under Xyen Records in the...
You Are My HTTP [Eurodance mix]
10/16/09 09:16:06PM @bigpete:
this is as great mix and a great track its a crime that there are noo review on this great production of a very crossover track, love it.
12/19/09 07:27:57PM @genghisken:
Love the intro in this, great production, super sounds. Just heard this on BigPete's Radio show, great track!!


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