Quantum Mechanix
Quantum Mechanix

See You

album: TBD
genre: Slow Rock
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This is the first track by Quantum Mechanix and it features the following, we certainly hope you enjoy! Cooter: Lyrics, Lead/Backing Vocals and Mixing -...
See You
Scotty Noodles
05/23/15 11:21:24AM @scotty-noodles:
I like being stuck in Traffic!
Barefoot Music
05/20/15 11:16:17AM @barefoot-music-group:
Seriously y'all have a gem here. I'm a happy camper with my listen right now and I thank you all that I can take the tune with me for future listens.
Rob Grant
10/11/13 11:52:13AM @rayon-vert:
Agree with Farrell...Does have a hint of some of the BEST of Traffic. Really enjoyed the song. Liked all of the musicianship and the production. The organ REALLY gives it the atmosphere and feel. GREAT JOB, GUYS!!

10/08/13 11:39:08AM @david-c-deal:
I have lots of thanks to offer. First to cooter and EBS for inviting me to join in this project! Bri-an, Farrell, Dave and Pete; your comments are most appreciated!
Fender Bender
10/07/13 05:00:11PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Doc, you guys have a very enjoyable track here. I have to agree about a retro feel that is present--I thought of Tom Petty at one point in the vocal melody and delivery. Love those keyboards!
10/07/13 02:47:43PM @quantum-mechanix:
Bri and Farrell, we appreciate you guys listening and taking a moment to comment. And we appreciate the kind words.

Bri - we were aiming for head holes... not all of them though (holes or heads). ;-) Thank you kindly, good sir.

Farrell - I think the spring reverb is mostly responsible for the "era" vibe. The tune was played on Mixstream Radio, Farrell. Maybe that's what it was. We were seeing how the mixes sounded through SAM before we added the tune to the page. See You was just added to the page, last night.

We appreciate you guys.


Farrell Jackson
10/07/13 10:47:30AM @farrell-jackson:
I thought I had commented on this one but maybe this is a new mix? WOW guys this has such an early Traffic vibe or maybe it's just the sound of that era's production. This is outstanding from the performances, production, and mix standpoint. Well done in all aspects Quantum Mechanix!



10/07/13 06:34:14AM @bri-an:
Impressive is the idea...the call and answer technique of the vocal presentation is a classic approach which works well (IMO) The strength is in the arrangement and production...which stood out for my head holes to absorb. very good work from all involved !!


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