Ravenhall - Straight Up

Category: Music
Duration: 00:03:59
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Recorded with Jeremy Redmore (Midnight Youth) & Hayden Taylor (York St Head Engineer) on Aucklands North Shore, Ravenhall have produced a fresh new sound intertwining the best elements of acoustic folk with pop melodies.

Following the recording session undertaken at Studio by the City in Birkenhead, Ravenhall sought out Jamie McKenzie and his team of expert story tellers and film makers at Pure Productions to help encapsulate their music on screen. Jamie expertly crafted the story and captured it beautifully in the Waitakere ranges at KareKare falls & beach.


Hello Friend it’s been too long
Yet again reminded you hold my love
Hello Friend it’s been way too long
A letter sent is not quite a hand to hold

Straight up I want to show love
Because you never change, which is everything
Straight up I want to show love
And we’ll both keep knowing
It’s better than it’s ever been

Now we both know love is blind
In our friendship we choose to close our eyes
While you keep so many around,
I will run right in if the rest walk out

I’ll keep holding you up, I wont let you down
and it’s better than it’s ever been


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