Resistant Hearts
Resistant Hearts
Resistant Hearts

Fall Into The Sea

genre: Pop/Rock
streams: 69

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Resistant Hearts are John Brandon and TRe' NATiON, Acoustic Guitar performed by Roberto Diana at Raighes Factory,© Resistant Hearts 2015
Fall Into The Sea
• Henderson & Hemmerling
05/16/18 11:04:25AM @henderson-hemmerling:
Very nice indeed! I kept waiting for the band to kick in, like a power ballad, BUT I love the way you kept it simple.
04/28/18 06:59:16AM @ronbowes:
Heard this on mixstream radio. Blew us all away. Excellent.
Barefoot Music
04/27/18 08:41:51PM @barefoot-music-group:
Welcome to Mix!! Absolutely am smitten with your music! Fabulous wordsmithing and really outstanding vocals.
carol sue
04/22/18 07:35:14PM @carol-sue:
Beautifully.. *sigh* ..beautiful.

Welcome to Mixposure, and thanks for sharing your wonderful music!!


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