The Trying Times of 2020

user image 2020-12-24
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The Trying Times of 2020

So this Pandemic thing has just about destroyed the live music industry....bands are playing venues restricted to 50% capacity and are getting paid 50% of their wage....our live music venues are closing up daily and losing everything they worked so hard for, even major historical music landmarks have boarded up and left sad-4

Touring has been all but shut down, we want to play across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia and will if travel restrictions ever lift.

About the only thing keeping our music alive right now are these great music websites such as Mixposure that are helping get our music out there to your ears and we are most grateful to each and every music website and internet radio station out there that's helping keep the music alive.

Our debut release: REVEREND NATHON-Volume 1 is doing really well, we are getting feedback and Tweets from listeners across the planet telling us they really dig our sound and songwriting and want to see us perform live. We promise you we WILL be on the road in 2021, Covid or no Covid we have to keep moving forward !

Let us know where you are listening to us from and where you would like to see us play.

If you are a venue owner or festival organizer who is Blues Rock friendly we would love an invite to tour thru your town !


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