Robert Joseph Band
Robert Joseph Band

Shy Till Noon

album: Rude Crude and Outta Tune
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 1,951

  Song Lyrics
 Driving down the high way I looked up the sky was falling I’m so glad I noticed That my eyes are in focus Headed down the next turn Wondering where this...
  Song Information
  A different style here on this track than my first 2 songs. A mellow track actually. Lyrically it’s a 2 part song to me. The chorus is inspired by a middle...
Shy Till Noon
retarded potential
03/17/11 02:32:29PM @retarded-potentials:
This is great really reminiscent of greg sage kind of tunes. This is why I don't bother buying music nowadays. You either appreciate something like this or you don't its not really something you can share with everyone or push onto the mainstream consciousness in other words it just has to happen. For me its happening great work.
07/11/09 01:19:06PM @eirik-finbak:
You have a weird voice , but i mean it in a positive way....
Its a rocky song , that is everything else then predictable...

06/18/09 12:51:44PM @will-mitchell:
"Shy Till Noon" is an interesting blend of 60s mod rock and Nirvana-esque 90s alternative. The lyrics are descriptive and transport the listener to a strange scene on a highway.
Personally, i feel like the vocal track could have been done just a little smoother...Particularly coming back into the choruses...Maybe do the chorus vocals on a separate track..
I think that would really set it off...I'm digging the vibe though.
Nice work here.

Farrell Jackson
06/18/09 11:40:52AM @farrell-jackson:
Hi Robert. Great clarity on the recording! "Shy till noon" is a cool lyric line but all the words are good as well. It must have been a good trip, lol! Yep in the Velvet Underground style. It's cool to hear you're keeping it alive!

Farrell Jackson

06/15/09 10:26:43AM @orion:
the guitars are so odd but they go great with the vocals and surprisingly well with the bass. good job.
06/15/09 09:29:42AM @tcp:
Decidedly a Lou Reed sort of vibe with great lyrics. I enjoyed this Robert.

And ya, do believe in ETs...after all, someone must occupy at least some of the unknown physical crafts in earth vicinity for centuries. ...Blake

06/15/09 08:43:18AM @mark-reed:
Just read the info, sometimes it's the mix of experiences combined that brings about the inspiration to create something. This is a shining example of that. Liked the simplicity of this. good song
06/14/09 04:13:34PM @david-c-deal:
Nice work of art Robert. This song has an unpolished, raw feel that works wonderfully with the lyrics (and the story behind the lyrics). Nice stuff.
David c Deal

06/14/09 09:35:29PM @the-full-quid:
i don't know why but this reminds me of something from velvet under ground.. lou reeed .. interesting lyrics too.


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