Robert Joseph Band
Robert Joseph Band

Your Gone

album: Rude Crude and Outta Tune
genre: Classic Rock
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Inspired by the Eliot Spitzer fiasco, you remember him, the Governer of the fine state of New York. Hope you enjoy.
Your Gone
02/17/10 08:18:43AM @mark-cloutier:
rock n roll baby! some wild alice cooperish type stuff! very cool man!
Farrell Jackson
07/19/09 10:45:18AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey Robert I really like the lyrical content here! Yes it's a raw but real sound but the subject matter is the real deal of airing out dirty laundry that goes on in this world!



07/16/09 06:11:35PM @gve:
Hey! Robert! I Really Dig this one! The Intro is unique and catchy love the guitar sound and the rythm to this goes nicely with your Vox!
12/24/09 12:11:26PM @saturated:
Pulled up your page to listen while im here working and just heard this one for the first time.. very cool tune! Your style just hits at gut level.. all round goodness!


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