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Aliens? And new song added called Shy Till Noon

user image 2009-06-13
By: robert joseph
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<p>New song added Shy Till Noon</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Ok,now on to the nonsense. I have a question to anyone that stops by my planet in the great galaxy<br />of Mixposure. How many people believe in alien beings? I&rsquo;m not talking Mexicans sneaking across the border. But the real deal, Spaceships, UFO&rsquo;s<br />Flying Saucers, little green men. I do. Do you? 100 billion galaxies with 100 billion stars in each galaxy, statistically we as humans would have to be na&iuml;ve if we think we&rsquo;re the only species. I&rsquo;ll follow up on this blog, with more of my thoughts in the future depending on the response. Peace RJ</p>

robert joseph
06/18/09 11:11:38AM @robert-joseph-band:
Lp and Rob,I see we have some public believers! I've gotten a few messages regarding this subject also. I'll monitor this blogs and add another 2 cents in soon. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my nonsense....? Peace RJ
Lyrical Princess
06/17/09 05:13:44PM @lyrical-princess:
Hello Robert, I believe in Alien beings.. In fact, I believe that we have a few of them here on the Mix!! LOL ~ Seriously though... Who's to really know if they exist or not ? I am very open minded.. Anything is possible.
I am off to listen to your new song "Shy Till Noon" :)

All The Best,

Rob Grant
06/15/09 01:07:38PM @rayon-vert:
Hey Robert!!!! First....I'm a HUGE Coast to Coast Radio Show Fan, so that should give you a hint as to where my general thoughts are. Yea, you got it.....I'm a FREAKIN' NUT!!!!...Daaaa-hahahahahahahaha!! BTW!!! I liked your new song do cool stuff with your lyrics. Anyway, I don't disbelieve or believe......I watch the skies, I look out for the paranormal, I don't trust the devil and I hate evil......I would NEVER sell my soul, for anything. I pray and I have hope........I have faith, but at times I stumble. I pick myself up and get back in the race...That's Right.....Hahahahahahaha! Ol' Frank!!! You get the picture! I believe the earth could have had many ancient advanced civilizations.....far advanced from us. Get the pic.....hahahahahaha
Talk Again!!


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