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Is Rock Dead in the general publics eye?

user image 2009-05-31
By: robert joseph
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Is Rock Dead in the general publics eye?

<p>&nbsp; Is Rock and Roll dead?&nbsp; I mean real rock.What happened to the Jimmy Pagse, Slashes, Keith Richards, Joe Perrys, Angus Youngs, Johnny Thunder, you know what I&rsquo;m getting at. Most new music on rock radio sucks. I know rock has evolved over the years, from Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry to Jimmi Hendrix then on to Slash. But it seems to me rock died when Gun&rsquo;s n Roses disbanded. The only other band I can relate to is Buck Cherry, and a few others, but they&rsquo;re missing a little something that all the others mentioned have. Also I feel I&rsquo;m always looked down upon, when people know I play and love classic rock, like I&rsquo;m a spider on the wall. I guess it comes with age. I used to think my Dad was a nut when he bragged about Dizzy Gillespie, Tommy Dorsey and others. <br />&nbsp; Now look what we have here. I&rsquo;d have to say at least 95% of the music I have heard here on the Mix should be on the radio. Why isn&rsquo;t it? Is it because the big wigs at Clear channel know what we want to hear? Why don&rsquo;t they come to the Mix and listen to some music here? Or any of the other sites out there and find real music again?<br />&nbsp; I know it&rsquo;s a hard wall to break down but we have an army here at the Mix, so like Ronald Regan said to Gorbachev let&rsquo;s &ldquo; Tear down that wall&rdquo;!!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Peace to all!! RJ</p>

06/03/09 05:30:03PM @gabriel-sabadi:
I'm with you completely on this subject Robert. I think the bigwigs are running out of ideas (drying up, living in the past). I've stopped listening to commercial radio completely for the past 20 years or so. To be perfectly honest I have no idea on who's in and who's not these days and I don't really care, THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME TO ME !!!!!

Truth is the future of music is now, it's at places like Mixposure, myspace, soundclick and numerous other sites. Don't you think the big boys want a piece of the pie? Hell ya! Problem being, most of the major indie talent wants nothing to do with them. Been there, done that, seen the corruption and how they take complete advantage of unwitting new talent signing contracts just to say they got signed. Believe me, it's not very far away now. Computer music is on the way into the newer cars as we speak, iTunes is huge, and the list goes on. Music runs in cycles, always has, we the indie artists are in the genesis of a new cycle. It's up to each and every artist here as to exactly how far it will go.


Rob Grant
06/01/09 08:06:22PM @rayon-vert:
Hey RJ!!!! There's plenty of GREAT Rock here.....You're right about that :-) Now, what we're trying to break into the mainstream, by making MIXPOSURE RADIO popular. Stop by at CHAT, during any of the shows........Keep coming by and telling people about it.....The CHAT Room varies, at all times........SO!!! Come on in and help us MAKE IT HAPPEN........and who knows?!?!?!?! This Internet Radio Station should go somewhere. GREAT POST!!! and I'm happy you're partaking in the site. COOL!! Yea, it's our age 8-| CYA!!! Rob
10/19/10 12:46:23PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
IMHO rock music died when Guns and Roses formed - but Fugazi saved the day after all!!!. ftlpope


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