Can You Graduate? - Phunk University Suite

album: Counting Time in Purgatory
genre: Funk
streams: 1,163

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LINER NOTES:The question for the tail end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries:Can you graduate from Phunk University?
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LEGAL:(c) S.E. Rogers & T.A. Alesio (2008) (BMI)BMI Work No. 010795326TALENT:Tommy Alesio - Drums / Percussion / Harmony VocalsKurt Bauman - Violin /...
Can You Graduate? - Phunk University Suite
Farrell Jackson
09/22/10 08:57:03AM @farrell-jackson:
Man Steve you do have a lot of Power that makes a tall Tower of funk and it's solidly in the that violin solo was hot! Great vocal work and the horns sound fantastic!


Rob Grant
02/18/10 03:10:12PM @rayon-vert:
Smokin' !!! This brings back some memories, man!! That's it.....THE FLOCK!!! I knew there was a band I loved in the 70's with a violin, that did some smokin' music, with some horns. I was thinking it was called IF. I do remember "Lighthouse" and "Electric Flag" pretty well.....and of course "Tower of Power"....Anyway!!! Loved it ALL!!! Great Track!!!

02/18/10 07:59:36AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Isn't funny how things coincide? - I was listening to 'I'm a man' by Chicago yesterday and..... I like this but the stereo mix is a bit narrow... and then the violin comes in and I am reminded of Flock. Yeah good groove and performance (I wonder what Dazed means about hearing it before - is it a cover?) ftlpope
02/17/10 07:43:23PM @dazed:
If you dont like, what you see here, get the PHUNK out! Digging this. I know I have heard this before but man this is a killer tune. Love the horn section and that killer bass line. This is some great music!


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