Romeo Mascarinas
Romeo Mascarinas

Love Somehow Will Find A Place In Our Hearts

album: Big Bang!
genre: Country
streams: 762

  Song Lyrics
Words by J. Roel LungayMusic by Romeo MascariñasPerformed by Romeo Mascariñas Mastered by Roy Tutor1There’s no telling where it’ll endThere’s no saying...
  Song Information
As the title suggests love will always find a way to and in your heart, like it or not.
Love Somehow Will Find A Place In Our Hearts
Incarnate Word
03/09/10 01:52:43AM @incarnate-word:
This is very relaxing and sincere. it rare that you find music that has such a pure vibe. very good job.
03/03/10 08:02:27AM @mel:
Hi Romeo, A very pretty intro to this! Your vocals are gentle as you sing these loving lyrics. A very pretty catchy and touching little song. Enjoyed this! Wishing you well, Melsi


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