Romeo Mascarinas
Romeo Mascarinas

Road To Knowhere

album: Big Bang!
genre: Rock
streams: 599

  Song Lyrics
Words by J. Roel LungayMusic by Romeo MascariñasPerformed by Romeo Mascariñas1There’s a highway down the roadPeople trav‘ling, young and oldWhich direction I...
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Imagine a destination that doesn't guarantee nothing but pride and glory that you've shown the guts to travel that road less traveled by anyone's standard 
Road To Knowhere
09/13/19 10:18:18PM @moquinn:
heard this song the other evening on MixPosure radio ~ & I am loving it
Incarnate Word
03/09/10 01:55:00AM @incarnate-word:
The production is exceptional in this song. lyrics are very well arranged. the music composition also is very professionally arranged. Nice Job.
Farrell Jackson
03/02/10 12:27:37PM @farrell-jackson:
Good rock song and vocals but I wish you would have loaded it up at a higher sample rate so I could heard a less MP3 compressed version. As is, it's a little bottom heavy but at a higher quality sample rate I bet this song shines.


03/02/10 04:35:15PM @skin-deep:
I dig this. nice upbeat groove. good vocals.
production is done well. drums sound good too.

rock on!

Lyrical Princess
03/02/10 05:31:27PM @lyrical-princess:
Really like the beat to this song.. Instrumental is very good.
Cool lyrics & perfect picture for the title.

All The Best,


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