Romeo Mascarinas
Romeo Mascarinas

Unanswered Prayers

album: Big Bang!
genre: Pop
streams: 696

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Words by J. Roel LungayMusic by Romeo C. MascarinasPerformed by Romeo Mascarinas 1Last night I woke up in the middle of the nightThought of things that...
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The most important, the most precious blessings one could ever have are right there in front of you... gifts you may not have recognized when you were a bit...
Unanswered Prayers
Farrell Jackson
03/09/10 12:18:11PM @farrell-jackson:
I like the "from the heart, true to life lyric" and your vocal skills deliver them with excellence! Great recording and song. It sounds like a hit to me!


Incarnate Word
03/09/10 01:47:24AM @incarnate-word:
This is great. very wholesome. it may sound like just a word to some but the message is very clear. and this production is great. very good vocals and killer words to live by. Great Job.
Four Course Five
03/05/10 10:14:58AM @joe-spencer:
this song reminds me slightly of James taylor, very enjoyable!


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