roslan aziz
roslan aziz

ZAHIR (the war)

album: 'aLi - inaugural release
genre: Acid Jazz
streams: 1,446
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Zahir di Perbatasan ( the war ) Profile: Radovan Karadzic Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has long been one of the most...
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produced and mixed by roslan aziz musical arrangements by jason voo and 'aLi recorded by hafizul garabi & jason voo at the shaolin temple Kuala...
ZAHIR  (the war)
02/19/11 07:03:19AM @am-pm:
This sure is a good track. And I liked the fusion edge in it. It is really got that groove. I enjoyed it.
07/21/10 04:35:13AM @anna-jackson:
Great production, loving the horns in there, creates a great upbeat vibe, whilst relaxing.
07/15/09 03:12:14AM @doris:
This is a real grooovy stuff.I luv how the sounds flow into the rhythm and blends itself wonderfully.The brass section sought of sew it together.Brilliant piece of work !! Thank You
Rogers-Tennison Band
08/15/09 10:50:38AM @rogers-tennison-band:
This is a great tune. Great production. Great vibe / pocket to ride. Love the chord changes. I do not have a clue what you are singing about, which makes it even more fun.
02/07/11 01:45:28AM @c-factor:
Excellent, I dunno what you're saying man, but who cares this is top notch stuff..I'll pay to see you perform!!


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