roslan aziz
roslan aziz

BENAR (the truth)

album: 'aLi - inaugural release
genre: Jazz+Funk
streams: 2,446

  Song Lyrics
"Often a mighty man is the humblest of creatures and a humble man is the mightiest of creatures." BENAR ( the truth ) Semua ini benar.. Ke...
  Song Information
produced and mixed by roslan aziz   musical arrangements by jason voo and 'aLi recorded by hafizul garabi & jason voo at the shaolin temple Kuala...
BENAR (the truth)
07/21/10 04:31:25AM @anna-jackson:
Beautifully magic! Played this loudly across my garden this morning whilst having a cuppa! this tune complimented the hot sun a great warm summer feeling.
07/14/09 04:52:36PM @shiks:
great great great music!!!
07/14/09 03:21:49AM @planetjazzbass:
Very smooth and multi layered..this is a great professional sound scape..beautiful vocal depth and the timing is superb..excellent music!..this material makes the world turn..uplifting world it! cheers planet :)
07/10/09 04:24:58PM @vesa:
Awesome start of voices pulls me in nifty with a cool that guitar filtering in. What a wonderful voice; great vocal range. Tres bien vocals. Love this arrangement, with the female harmony chorus sounding N. African & does the atmosphere also. This is a wordly mix...different genres, so cool jazzy, & there is a funk, -the bass helps that along; well done, love the percussives. Well orchestrated. This song brings on wonderful visions, and alters me to float away around your realm, enjoying the DYNAMIC great artistry. Most original...really like this. Worth more listens, so I did, & I put it into my faves also. Very well arranged. Wonderful production. Merci pour le plaisir de cette grande musique.
EXCELLENT -your friend & fan. -Vesa

07/09/09 10:05:58AM @roslan-aziz:
thank you...
07/09/09 09:18:40AM @hydrogen3:
I love the intercultural musical sound in the beginning. Very spiritual. Nice combination of contemp jazz has a nice dance beat!. Awesome vocals/ guitar/ bass/ percussion work! AWESOME! Holley :)
07/15/09 02:29:36AM @doris:
OMG ! Never heard anything like this before.The music production and performance is SUPERB.I am so proud of u guys.I juz luv your talent !!!


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