Sarina Nut Company
Sarina Nut Company

Cup O`Coffee

album: Black
genre: Rock
streams: 92

Cup O`Coffee
01/09/14 05:33:09AM @000:
Finn this is so good man ! I always come back for a dose of inspiration. Thanks for sharing.
03/27/11 01:28:40PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Stunning opening with pretty menacing tones - guys if you walk into my local cafe I think I will sidle out smartly. Great stuff. ftlpope
03/25/11 03:32:31AM @000:
Wow...Man. Don't know what to say. F'n GREAT
03/24/11 11:06:31AM @deacon-gene:
Another really good song from you guys. I wish I could write big powerful bluesy stuff like this. The drums are slammin. The dynamics through out the song are great. Very nicely done.

03/24/11 08:15:11AM @cor-e-billz:
Nice sound
Farrell Jackson
03/24/11 12:46:11PM @farrell-jackson:
I always like rockin' blues and electric slide guitar so I'm likin' this one a lot! The whiskey saturated vocal is a great style for this for ZZTop and it works for you all! Keep em' coming!



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