Sarina Nut Company
Sarina Nut Company

Back In The Gutter

album: Black
genre: Rock
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Back In The Gutter
Queen Regina
01/10/21 06:55:58AM @queen-regina:
Definitely dynamic. Great rock & roll. And that harp harps. Compliments the total composition thats tight as hell. Well done.
01/09/21 09:13:21AM @wricky:
shazaam that song smokes , killer harp too ~way to go !
03/27/11 01:19:52PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Searing stuff with some serious raucousness herein - small gripe about the voice being too far back in the mix but who really cares when the tune assaults the hearing with such aplomb. ftlpope.
03/23/11 04:20:11PM @bri-an: the intro. Great dynamic's between the tone of the bass N guitar guys...woo ya.
love the chord structure...and the harp player was the icing on this take.
The band's presence is very unique...fill with energy,..and you boyz hold it throughout the whole composition.
Top Flight toon. Hope yer out there kickin there a$$'s

Farrell Jackson
03/23/11 11:02:29AM @farrell-jackson:
Good driven rock...I like the growl in the lead vox and that harmonica solo was killer! It's good to hear some rock that's back in the gutter! The Three Stoogesque intro is a cool affect!


03/24/11 02:41:38AM @000:
Cool.. Thanks for that..Now i'll never get to sleep. ;)
Love it


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