Temple of the Tiger (mastered by Landr)

album: Freeform
genre: Instrumental
streams: 50

Temple of the Tiger (mastered by Landr)
04/04/16 08:52:29AM @scotswolfe:
Thank you very much Linda.
Lyrical Princess
04/04/16 12:45:54AM @lyrical-princess:
I always enjoy my musical journey while listening to you play, Jim.. I just close my eyes and go for the ride.. This has such a peaceful feel to it. Perfect way for me to close out the night. Positively Beautiful! :)

All The Best,

04/03/16 07:24:43PM @scotswolfe:
Thank you very much Maureen.Music is my escape and stress reliever,both creating it and listening to others.To me a experienced listeners opinion is just as much valued as that of a professional musician.I appreciate the listen.
04/03/16 06:03:28PM @moquinn:
Jim this is so very beautiful ~ not being a musician or having musical background ~ merely years of listening ~ in recent years my taste in music has expanded to various genres as I have come to love music more & more.... thank you for sharing with us Maureen AKA Moe
04/03/16 12:44:00PM @scotswolfe:
Thanks Farrell...and yes I can hear a noticeable difference from the original which was copied from a four track cassette.Cleaner and more defined ,with a small boost to the low and high end from the original.Sometimes it makes a big difference...sometimes not so much.Has a lot to do with the original quality and you have to remember to send a file with a peak of -6 db so the program has plenty of headroom to work with.
Farrell Jackson
04/03/16 09:55:31AM @farrell-jackson:
Very nice musical styling SW! Do you think the LANDR mastering made a noticeable difference?


04/02/16 08:00:00PM @scotswolfe:
Thank you David...much appreciated.
04/02/16 07:58:34PM @david-c-deal:
A very enjoyable track Scots.


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