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Getting logged out......

user image 2009-02-12
By: selftort
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Getting logged out......

Apologies if I've missed something that might explain what is happening. When I come in to the site it recognises me and welcomes me. But when I click on an artist's page or pretty well anywhere else in the site it welcomes me as "Guest". If I click on log in, it takes me to my control panel where I resume my identity as Self Tort.<br /><br />But trying to get to another page I revert again to "Guest". As a consequence I can't review or download the January Challenge. I hope I didn't say anything out of line in the forum or otherwise offend anybody.<br /><br />Dazed, I'm putting this up as a blog because it seems that I can't send you a PM. Any ideas?<br /><br />Cheers<br /><br />Brian

02/13/09 08:22:36PM @chris-moore:
Yep, had this problem too - all of the ones listed here, and I've cleared my cookies out a few times, and it's still not right... It's definitely something to do with the two servers, whenever I'm on the www server I am recognised, but I revert to "guest" when I go to my homepage, which is on the www2 server, so I log in and it takes me to my inbox, where I am chrismoore again, and when I click on visit your site I return to guest status..

Good luck Dazed!

02/13/09 06:42:02AM @gabriel-sabadi:
I've never heard anything come out of you but goodness Brian. The site's been going through a lot of changes lately and everyone is experiencing problems of sorts.I sometimes log in and I get logged in as Kephas, or Jim of a dozen other people. Yesterday I even logged in as Server problems I'm guessing and I'm sure Dazed will nail it down soon enough :-)

~ Gabriel

Luca Wulf
02/13/09 06:36:32AM @huge-artist:
I am sure it was nothing said in forums :)
One or two others are having a similer prob.
Youc an still contact Dazed by scrolling down to the bottom of the main page and selecting "Contact us"
Usualy it is a cookie problem mate :)



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