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Self Tort Live at The Basement

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By: selftort
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Self Tort Live at The Basement

Man, what a great night. Thanks to all in here who passed on their best wishes.<br /><br />On Monday I performed an acoustic set at The Basement which is Sydney's premier music club. I was knocked out by the support I received from family and friends, and friends of family, and friends of friends. The place was pretty packed and I would estimate that 75-80% of that crowd was made up of my supporters. There is a dining area in front of the stage but the management does not normally offer dining on a Monday night, but when the advance bookings started coming in they changed their minds.<br /><br />There were five acts on the bill. I drew the straw for the first spot which was perfect, because I doubt that I'd have got many to come along to watch if I'd scored the 11pm slot. I did 7 songs, starting with one of my co-writes with the amazing Lex Zaleta - "Once is Enough". The rest of the set was as follows:<br /><br />Six O'Clock Swill<br />Hardie's Men<br />Can't Stop Thinking About You<br />Holding Court in King Street<br />Fetish (yes Gina, I did that for you)<br />and finished off with What's the Attraction.<br /><br />Was knocked out by the audience response.<br /><br />I've posted the raw video of the first song. I will be receiving an audio CD of the set from the club which was recorded directly onto HD and will try to substitute that audio for the current audio which is limited by the age and quality of my recorder. It wasn't possible to get a line into the recorder from the PA.<br /><br />Hope you enjoy. If you do, please send a PM to Lex to let him know. He's been feeling pretty low of late and deserves to be told how wonderful and talented he is. Thanks Lex.<br /><br />Cheers<br /><br />Brian

Farrell Jackson
02/19/09 02:30:11PM @farrell-jackson:
Hey Brian excellent show and response! You know...... we (muscians/singer/songwriters) strive for perfection in our home studio recordings and mixes and sometimes they come out great and we feel good about it but....there's nothing and I mean nothing like the rush of the crowd connection and applause after performing one of your own (and Lex's) songs live! You say there were some rough spots but from my view it was fine and the crowd certainly was accepting and that's what it's all about. Well done Brian!!!!!!!


Chris Georgiou
02/19/09 08:49:58AM @chris-georgiou:
Brian, have to change the songtitel of my fav. floyds: Wish I was there.
Believe it was a magic night...Chris

02/18/09 12:43:31PM @dicarlo-productions:

02/18/09 07:04:04AM @self-tort:
Thanks Gina and Jim. Yep I had an absolute blast. Yeah there were a few hiccups, the odd fluffed chord (couldn't hit a decent Bm7 to save my life) and I forgot the chorus to Six O'Clock Swill in the outro even though I wrote it 14 years ago and play it regularly live. But those glitches pale into insignificance compared to the buzz I got out of it. For a journeyman musician/performer like myself to be able to play on the same stage that some of the all time greats have played on, and not feel out of place was a quantum leap for me. Don't expect any magic to come out of it. The magic was in the opportunity.

Thanks again



02/18/09 07:24:00AM @mel:
Brian, SO GLAD for you that you had brilliant night. You deserved all the support, I only wish I had been in the front row with all your friends and family with my beer and chips!! I am sure it was a fantastic show, and that you performed brilliantly live. So glad you sung your's and Lex's special song, he will be chuffed! Well done you, my friend and thank you for sharing it with us back here in Blighty! big hug, Melzaroo x


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