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Collab with Nigel Potter

user image 2009-08-21
By: selftort
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<p>As many of you will know there is a Same Song Madness project going on in here.</p><p>Nigel Potter has posted a set of lyrics and invited members to put their own individual take on the lyrics.</p><p>My version of the lyrics is posted here:</p><p><a href=&quot;">Just Keep Breathing</a></p><p><br />Those who have dealt with Nigel would be aware of not only his talent, but also his support for his fellow indie artists. I have available a backing track without lead guitar and lead vocals if others would like to add their own take to the track. In particular any&nbsp; of the brilliant guitarists on site who want to have a shot at the solo, any vocalists, in fact it's pretty much an open offer if you want to get involved. I'd love to do a mega mixpo mix of the track. If you'd like to get involved PM me and I'll send you a copy of the backing track. If you just want to add harmony vocals to the present track up here just PM me and I'll give you details of where to send you files.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Cheers</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Brian</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

08/24/09 04:10:22AM @self-tort:
Hi Rob, Dazed, Nigel. I will upload the backing track on my page tomorrow as a downloadable file. Unfortunately, as I recorded it in the studio and it's still a bit of a WIP I didn't take separate files of the individual tracks.

Rob, I'd be very interested in your bass take on this and will arrange to get the individual files so I can send those interested only those tracks they want (eg in the case of Rob I can sent a mix without bass). That's not to say, though Rob, that you should not get into whatever you want on the present mix or the backing track when I put it up tomorrow.

Same with you, Dazed, if the backing track I put up (which will have harmony vocals on the chorus) needs those harmonies removed let me know. I won't have access to those files though until late next week.

And Nigel, I'm happy to work with new projects. So if you want to throw some more our way I've no doubt we'll get takers.



Luca Wulf
08/23/09 06:11:34PM @huge-artist:
Excellent :)

If anyone wants lyrics,I can write to order.
Structure and subject matter.


Luca Wulf
08/23/09 12:56:52PM @huge-artist:
Excellent news gents :)


Rob Grant
08/23/09 10:42:07AM @rayon-vert:
Brian........Putting it this way, I'll contradict my Review comment ;-)......I'd LOVE to take the opportunity to pay tribute to Nigel and work with you. Count me in :-) I'll PM You, Sir.

08/23/09 04:48:42PM @dazed:
I would jump on this also!


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