Sharine ONeill
Sharine ONeill

Sharine O'Neill - Watching (Goniemah Walloomeyenwalloo)

album: Watching
genre: Folk - Pop
streams: 24

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Watching Goniemah Walloomeyenwalloo MUSIC AND WORDS BY Sharine O'Neill             Goniemah Wallomeyenwallo...
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Folk - Pop Song about the end of a summer day in down under (Goniemah Walloomeyenwallo is aboriginal language and means North-East wind where are you going).
Sharine O'Neill - Watching (Goniemah Walloomeyenwalloo)
04/26/16 07:54:41PM @vig-wig:
This led me astray. I was expecting one thing and got another. I am back here a week later listening to the tune I downloaded and maybe I had less cobwebs on the brain. It sounded natural. I wasn't thinking insane, going down a rathole agaim. Hearing the breezy sounds echoing thru the rain, taking me out of bounds, thru the grass and grain. Screeching to a halt, your wiles to exalt, off I go thru foam ashore crawling into my home once more.Vig
Farrell Jackson
04/10/16 11:26:55AM @farrell-jackson:
A good song, recording and you have a great voice!



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