Simon Paradis
Simon Paradis

Came A Wind

album: Mouth Full Of Stars
genre: Original Rock N Roll
streams: 22

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Here are two originals from my 2015 release "Mouth Full Of Stars". It is a 14 song album available at CD Baby-, or...
Came A Wind
Barefoot Music
07/12/17 07:00:47PM @barefoot-music-group:
Digging this a lot. Fabulous wordsmithing and I agree with Gary....a TP petty kind of vibe.
Would love to put this into rotation on Barefoot Rock n Blues but no DJ access available.
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Gary Shukoski
07/11/17 02:08:35AM @gary-shukoski:
Beautiful instrumentation on this track and, as I forgot to mention on "If", the vocals have a cool Tom Petty vibe at times.


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