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It Ain't You

album: It Ain't You
genre: Pop
streams: 24

  Song Lyrics
I ain’t got no time to fool aroundSo, stop pushing me to the groundChecking me out from the corner of your eyeBefore you spoke, I was ready to dieI ain’t got...
  Song Information
It is my debut single. It is about pain and the getting out of an abusive relationship.
It Ain't You
sinikka monte
01/23/20 07:35:04AM @sinikkamonte:
thank you @gary-dabrowski
Gary Dabrowski
01/22/20 03:43:37PM @gary-dabrowski:
that sounded 'pretty darn good' Sinikka!...
sinikka monte
01/10/20 12:28:51PM @sinikkamonte:
thank you @farrell-jackson
Farrell Jackson
01/10/20 12:06:39PM @farrell-jackson:
Very nice pop song here with some fine vocal work!



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