Days gone

genre: Acoustic Rock
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This is a songi wrote a few years ago and finally decided it was worth a recording.. Day's gone was also entered into a contest  a few years ago and won a...
Days gone
The Gigglefits
03/27/21 03:59:01PM @the-gigglefits:
We are so loving this one and is one of our pick hits for our Gigglefits top 30 pick hits on Mixstream radio show tonight 7pm est. please come join us in the chat room
06/18/12 09:58:13AM @dolce:
I love your vocals and am a fan of your songwriting ability. I want to hear more from you!


09/14/10 11:52:10PM @michael-frazier:
Really nice tune. Solid guitar work and vocals. Nice mix as well. Pretty commercial song you have here. I like this one. Nice work. Thanks for the listen.
04/14/10 09:58:53PM @dazed:
This tune is absolutely stellar. I can see why it had some success. If it got more airplay I could see a lot of success on this. Excellent tune.
02/11/10 07:44:35AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Woah got that Dan Fogelburg rush at first and this has that languid West Coast surity of the likes of Andrew Gold and JD Souther which in some circles is not the current thing but this song is engaging at all levels including the well judged guitar solo and Band like organ and the slight breakdown that is all before one mentions the great singing and the 'milk and sugar in my coffee' of the harmony vocals all of which make a great listen and a review before your eyes that uses 'stream of consciousness as if you did not know that anyway! ftlpope


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