Apophys 2029

album: The Partners
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 1,658

Apophys 2029
03/04/11 12:36:49AM @dave-townsend:
Very pleasant evolving synth textures! Here's a tip: get out your parametric equalizer, slap it on those hats & overheads, and take off a little high end. Actually, take off a lot. They could cut concrete. :) Everything else sounds great, though.
11/01/10 11:38:17PM @the-unravelling:
This is a very imaginative, inventive track with heaps of great sounds. It would be good to chill to after a funny cigarette.
Rob Grant
12/27/08 11:41:05AM @rayon-vert:
As Blake says.very ethereal....I really feel the Gong influence on this song.....I tripped with the drummer and bass player as the synths provided a plush cloud environment. The guitar work was GREAT!!! I also enjoyed the vocal chants, they were very tastefully done. I have no idea how I missed you guys for so long.

11/22/08 12:09:13PM @tcp:
Hugely ethereal and wide open Shimon. Great fantasy driven music with some superb atmospheric moments. Not all that easy to play live I bet. Very imaginative and involved. Lots to listen to! Would love to hear more from you guys!!! ~Blake
angela blade
11/11/08 04:59:19PM @angela-blade:
Wow what a Payote trip that was. It must be hard to perform live when there is really no arrangement and the song drifts with the soul of imagination. I like fantasy music. Einstein used to take LSD, payote and study his bodys reactions then try to see if he could induce himself back to that state when he was sober. This is where the study of breathing techniques came into play and how also music can alter the state of mind that can transcend one into a hallucigenic state. This music definitely does that. I would like to know what the words you are singing are translated into English. Would you care to send me a private note and share these.


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