Long Road Home ( Instrumental)

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Long Road Home ( Instrumental)
06/21/09 11:20:30PM @piperon:
Riding smooth guitar passion, with an attitude of lovely swing. It sound like a pop intregrated with a Jazz mood. A chilling music for a relaxing moment, thanks for sharing.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

01/14/10 10:29:02PM @marc-morlock:
mmmm Great Smooth song
Love the Guitar

05/15/08 12:55:31PM @brian-mattson:
Taste in the arrangement and lead lines. Very sound songwriting and performance skills. A very enjoyable listen! I loved it.
Farrell Jackson
03/29/08 03:54:47PM @farrell-jackson:
Again some good guitar playing with a lot of jazz smoothness. I like the horn like tone you're getting from your guitars. Nice work!


03/17/08 10:29:29PM @wrightdude:
Nice variety of guitar tones! Your clean playing is so clean!!! very tasty track!
03/11/08 08:49:15AM @ab1:
wow.. all this jazzy playing.. my friend.. so glad you're here.. love the wes/GB sound of it..
great piece.. mellow and groovin.. agreed the tasty jazz at the end was especially sweet.. i got to PM you
about this.. cheers..

03/10/08 12:46:59PM @carl-edlund-anderson:
I can only echo the spot-on comments from others: beautifully smooth vibe! The playing and production is most tasteful, with a variety of tones and melodies that keep one's interest engaged throughout (no easy task in guitar instrumentals) but without ever sounding forced. The changes are natural and flowing. Simply enchanting. :)

Looking for _something_ to say in terms of constructive criticism, I thought you might sometimes actually bring out/up the central guitar melody lines a touch more in comparison with the rhythmy parts out on the "stereo wings" ... or maybe EQ some of the low end off the rhythm parts, which might have the same effect? I'm no mix-meister though!

(As an added note, even without a dedicated "singer", you might try putting your own vocals on your former compositions with lyrics! :) Being in a similar situation -- as a former non-singing band member now concentrating on home recordings -- I'm still uncomfortable with hearing my own vox, but they've gotten a favourable reception from reviews (or at least weren't panned outright! ;)) so don't necessarily discount your on voice as another weapon in your home studio arsenal.

Not that I'm minding this instrumental piece! :)

03/09/08 08:28:57AM @rookie:
Really like this track very pro sounding mix,nice chord sequence, the lead playing and the tone superb, looking forward to hearing more.

03/08/08 11:45:37AM @bri-an:
Yes..very well ups are great to each segment that the groove discovers...Easy listening. Held my interest right, i think the guitar playing is slick...
Yup, this is very well written and executed my friend!. woooo , ya!!
Enjoyed !

03/03/08 08:55:30AM @tcp:
Hey Mike.....really, really fine job. This is a superb polished track. Great guitar tones and playing. Very tasteful jazz rock....everything right on cue, tight playing and attention to detail!! An excellent song and performance my friend!! More! ~Blake
03/03/08 07:25:53AM @soundwell:
Really good song.
Some great chord changes all the way through, and your guitar playing is excellent.
Love the way you bring different guitar sounds to the fore in different sections.
The drum work is also exquisitely done with great clarity & separation
Very well written, recorded & produced.

More of the same please!

03/02/08 06:08:13PM @tlt50:
Superb arranging,performance and production. Great changes to keep the listeners interested.
Excellent and tasty ....with some awesome jazzy guitar playing ..Really well done !!!!

Larry T.......

03/02/08 12:54:39PM @soundtrapper:
My first shot at posting an instrumental. Your comments are greatly appreciated Christer.
03/02/08 12:51:25PM @chrickon:
Great track with some lovely tones ! Great arrangement and i love those jazzy likcks ! Excellent performance!!
Enjoyed listening

03/02/08 12:58:54PM @sandz:
Cool jazzy mix. I love the guitar tone, and the overall mix is perfect. Keep it up!
Michael Yablonski
03/02/08 01:46:45PM @michael-yablonski:
This sounds great! First shot at an instrumental? Very cool, smooth, really like your guitar style, nice jazzy runs near the end of the song. Thanks for posting. -Mikey
03/17/08 02:17:23PM @mike-s:
Well, this is a great track. I am pretty new here and am just finding my way about listening to everyones style. Anyway this is a lovely smooth piece with genuine good playing. No distortion to hide fluffed notes (like I do. LOL). I like the main melody and also the way it soars off at the end.
05/06/08 06:04:13PM @hook-tree-road:
Wow, great production and groove. Everything is coming thru so clear! And your guitar playing, great tone (I should say tones) and I love your melodic approach and the way you develop the melody. And a mixture of styles; jazz, fusion, some oriental, and a few country licks throw in for good measure. Very tasty.

03/02/08 02:26:42PM @rob-hanlon:
Strong sound and smooth performance. Really pleasant chord structure and tasty playing.
11/10/08 01:56:16PM @the-autumleaf:
Excellent Guitar work ....... Cool Progressions and Great Style all the way. Superb Changes around 1:38 delicate and touching...Love your tunes

Jay From The Autumnleaf

Rob Grant
03/02/08 02:14:26PM @rayon-vert:
You continue to keep my interest...........REALLY LIKED all your other tracks and fits in GREAT!!! This song has an excellent flow and sets a nice mood, very upbeat. LOVED the bass lines throughout. The acoustic solo was a real nice surprise and the harmonic solo is right up my alley. Also really enjoyed the crisp jazz guitar....NICE, REAL NICE!! GREAT JOB Again....Keep 'em coming :-)


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