Chasing Falling Stars - (Instrumental)

genre: Instrumental
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This tune is the result of just playing with minimum sounds trying to improve my mixing skills and instrument tones. This is my first tune with a new Geddy...
Chasing Falling Stars - (Instrumental)
06/21/09 11:16:36PM @piperon:
This is a beautiful music, the guitar soars smoothly down the melody line. It is so relaxing listensing to this piece, a soothing music for a troubled mind.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

01/05/09 05:20:40PM @slowmarchingband:
Well Mike,

I figured I'd stick my ugly face in and see what else you have cookin. Nice and smooth on the groove. Jazzy/Blues playing that has a sultry style to it. This definitly creates a mood!The emotion embedded in your fingers is very evident. You're one of the tastier git players that I'm honored to have known! this short song goes a long way man!!

06/30/08 12:28:58PM @akashaman:
wow - first thing i notice , the killer interplay between the bass & drums , kik. damn ! super punchy. that is always nice for the foundation.
the blusey jazzy playing is really laid back & chill. how many run throughs did you do ? i bet that was fun , just playing along with this one. lots of minor percussion that is goin on , that really nice . do i hear some "scratching" as well ? ha , ok , lets keep it contemporary eh ?
i dunno how you play all those esoteric jazz chords , but i do envy you !
this is great , overall production is stellar !
tight & punchy.


06/15/08 10:25:22PM @tcp:
Ah, just very smooth and superbly played guitar...well no, not just the guitar...everything. Subtle elements combined with the musicality of the whole piece really stand out for me. Sweet listen man!! Excellent tune! ~Blake
05/22/08 11:39:05AM @tlt50:
Yea.......Michael,I love the groove and vibe of this tune.Superb production,spacious,everything works excellently.Smooth flowing, tasteful
melody've got a great feel to this dynamite track !!! Thumbs !

wolf *****

05/14/08 10:42:05PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Really dig this vibe!! Excellent tune!
05/09/08 03:26:04PM @soundtrapper:
Man Rob, you know how one is kinda like "is this tune worth posting" after you'ver spent so long working/hearing it and just not sure...then I get a thumbs up from you and all is cool.
Thanks Rob. Sincerely, Michael

Rob Grant
05/09/08 01:30:56PM @rayon-vert:
NIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!! Man, I LOVE YOUR STUFF!! This is GREAT FEELING song :-) It has flow and gave me a BIG SMILE. What a pleasurable listen. SWEET GUITAR tone, man...I LOVE that flowing bass line, works GREAT with the drums........HOPE there's a DL......gonna check......hehehehehehehe GREAT TRACK!!! wish it were longer.....hehehehehe


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