Good Day

genre: Pop
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All instruments and production by Gary Carciello
Good Day
Rob Grant
07/12/08 06:07:46PM @rayon-vert:
Yea, this IS TOPS!!! The vocals are GREAT and I love the lyrics....very touching.....perfect for my Saturday listening mood. You really do an excellent job of expressing emotions.....

06/30/08 12:23:26PM @akashaman:
wow - this is a cool song. i have alot of older lp`s , reminds me of something from the 70`s & i mean that in a good way , lol.
the lyrics are heartfelt , honest & are obviously derived from "real" experience & that shines through in the music as well. love the irony bewteen the music & lyrics , the former being more upbeat & major , while the latter is more somber & reflective.
great playing , production & arranging , you have been paying attention.
will get to more for sure !

thanks for sharing

06/29/08 08:33:05AM @ab1:
great mix and sound from the get go.. and real strong playing.. pro and secure sounding.. an excellent vocal quality you have here michael and jeff.. nice harmonies.. and the uplifting lyrics referring to the bittersweet are right up my street.. lovely ylrical solo section with it sounds like tasty licks from you both? and then the guitars in harmony too.. got that easy summer vibe covered to the max guys.. just great.. ps nice sax too.. :-)

06/28/08 06:24:26PM @digger-stone:
very pro hear, a well wretten song.
sweet guitars, well played and mixed! and you sing great man!

i like this very much, well done.


06/27/08 09:33:51PM @tlt50:
Damn''''''' ma man, where do you find all this inspiration ?? :-) Beautiful take on some classic chord progressions. Superb vocals,lyrics and musicianship..... Nice touch with the sax, tasteful arranging and production,,,,, Way to go bro..... !!

Larry T.....

06/27/08 09:22:42PM @soundtrapper:
Thanks Mike. ! Sure appreciate the review and being on your show...right on!
Just finished mix and posted. Sure glad you listened...I wasn't sure I got it right.
Have another great show Mike.


06/27/08 08:26:42PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Ah - hot off the mixer, eh??? Love this tune. Very smooth harmonies. Great vocals and super lyrics! Love the arrangement and the sweet, clean solo. Grat touch with the sax as well. Nice job! You're on the show tomorrow night!



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