Backwater Queen

genre: Alternative
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Fourth production in 2007 (remix 3-12-09)
Backwater Queen
11/26/09 12:19:16PM @tcp:
Hey....well, an exquisitely tight and smooth performance I'm just not sure how anyone could fault..most excellent. Solid everything, including the instrumental bridge. Arrangement, tones,'s all here and pretty damn awesome. Bravo! ...Blake
Carl Schonbeck
06/27/09 02:52:07AM @carl-schonbeck:
Wow, need to have this one pumping from a kicking GTO 8-track stereo up to ten :-) Really gives that open road early '70s rock vibe. Your vocals are brilliant, those harmonies are so rocking. Already listening for the third time - this track is fantastic guys!
Rob Grant
10/11/08 11:30:24AM @rayon-vert:
I heard this on INGE'S Radio Show, the other day. MAN!! I REALLY liked what I heard!!! Great ROCKIN' track!! The arrangement is great......kinda had a GFR a GOOD WAY!!! Anyway....GREAT TRACK!!!

06/30/08 06:56:56AM @syngularity:
Indeed a cool and wonderfully prouduced rock song in classic tradition... Damn good lyrics, and your vocals are fantastic.

06/29/08 10:27:47AM @dazed:
love it! guitar sound is huge. Great vocals and tasty hook.
06/30/08 03:01:41PM @ab1:
smashin intro mike.. love it.. great drums smackin that great beat.. but your vocals are the real treat.. love the breaks in the riff so we can hear them drums smackin.. a real attractive tune bro.. love the tasty guitar tone and solo.. gets my vote.. 5 stars if we got em.. cheers..


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