Running Man

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This is a remix of our first work. We started working together around the Jan. 1 2007 learning how to PC record. In March we had completed this....
Running Man
11/24/09 12:42:02PM @shane:
I like the chord progression. The vocals are very nicely done,, ie,, the vocal melody is nice. There is alot to like here.
09/05/09 07:09:19PM @alan-stewart:
great mood to this song from the first drum hit. guitars are great to set the mood even more.
Carl Schonbeck
06/22/09 06:32:02AM @carl-schonbeck:
As Mark Knopfler joked with Chet Atkins once, "You've played before!" Once again your production, chops and vocals are beyond polished. In fact, I think the real star here is the voice - it really connects on an emotional level. Like the percussion too. Kudos.
06/21/09 11:10:59PM @piperon:
The guitar here is awesome, they reminds me of Valkir music at the old mix. And the vocal set apart from the norm. You guys are really make for each other, a perfect teammate.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

05/24/09 11:55:49AM @mike-kohlgraf:
That's really a very cool tune, performed and produced really well. I am doing a special show today at 3:30 pm ET/USA and this song will be on the show in the first set!!!

Way to go, my friend!


05/26/09 07:01:55AM @mel:
Really enjoyed listening to Running Man. Great vocals and great instrumentals. Love the lyrics to this. I had an image of a lonesome runner crossing the empty landscape, really enjoyed this! Wishing you well, Melsi
06/21/09 04:45:03PM @soundtrapper:
The remix on this blew me away.Tight!
Thanks for all your hard work compadre.-jeff

09/28/09 03:07:25PM @bigpete:
really good story telling again, very big sounding drums and bass, very good production, performances are top.
02/04/10 06:02:15PM @hollie-sheard:
Intense, moody, and brilliant. The musicianship and production is spot-on all throughout the song, but the two things that particularly stand out are the vocals and the drums. Great track.
Rob Grant
04/03/10 08:29:50AM @rayon-vert:
DAG!!! Glad I came looking for the video for the "Dragon". This was playing on your page. How did I miss this? WELL!?!?! I know, I haven't been around as much. Anyway, it's FANTASTIC!!! It's great to catch up with your music. LOVE the bass recording, vocals are excellent, music is chilling and the guitar work beautiful. Thanks for the download.


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