Stephen Foster
Stephen Foster

Miami Nights

album: TBA
genre: Latin Rock
streams: 96

Miami Nights
06/30/09 11:54:41AM @bluesydude:
One of my favorite genres and you did an excellent job on this. Nice guitar playing. I would pump up the volume a bit on the guitar. Love the organ solo part. Great overall work. The horn towards the end was very nice. Thanks for sharing your talents.
07/01/09 03:16:48PM @dazed:
Hey Stephan!

You did a great job capturing the genre. I started to salsa with the cat. No one else was around. Love the guitar playing!!

07/01/09 07:53:21AM @mel:
Oh yes, got my cold drink in my hand, the sun is setting and here is your wonderful music. Great guitar playing, and really super latino rhythm to shake the body to! Beautiful sounds all round, I agree the horn is a fab addition! Loved this. Wishing you well, Melsi


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