Pissin' Down:C.McPherson/R.Speke (SOCAN) feat.Rusty Harper

album: Track 01
genre: Acoustic Rock
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one buddy drops a Harp down,'nother buddy drops a's what we got.   Rick Speke : Vocals Rusty Harper : Harmonica Corey McPherson :...
Pissin' Down:C.McPherson/R.Speke (SOCAN) feat.Rusty Harper
10/22/13 09:13:30PM @sterlingstudios:
been awhile since I've hit this site up guys..........many thanks on your kind words,and I gotta say,I'm damn near most proud of this toon,and am glad my buddy Rick came up with and dropped a vocal for it,kinda finished it off.

winter is coming,i'll be back around tossin' new toons out

cheers fellas.

02/01/13 01:08:24PM @josephrodz:
Like it,Like it!!!!
Farrell Jackson
01/31/13 10:34:36AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey I love the live sound here and the infectious bass and guitar repeating riff....the down on the river shanty vibe is just cool!



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